Bermagui is a peaceful town world known for its game fishing. Bermagui has one of the worlds safest all weather harbour, making it a great place for fishing. The waters of Bermagui contain some of the best game fishing found anywhere in the world, Bermagui offers exceptional stand-up game fishing producing some of the worlds best Marlin and Yellowfin Tuna amongst other species. The continental shelf is 20 km offshore from Bermagui which is the closest point from the mainland; this means Bermagui offers outstanding deep sea fishing all year round.

American author Zane Grey helped establish game fishing in Bermagui back in 1936. He also set numerous world records. Zane Grey’s methods and tackle back then were unknown to most Australian anglers. He achieved to catch a 460kg tiger shark in 1936 which was the largest fish in the world at the time to have been captured using a rod and reel. In Australia the same year, he achieved to catch the first yellowfin tuna ever found on the south coast of New South Wales which weighed about 40kg.

Charter a boat for big game or deep sea and reef fishing. Launch your own vessel or hire a boat and venture out on the river and surrounding lakes.


Extreme Fishing Charters

Your one-stop game fishing charter for Bermagui game fishing. We are a locally owned and operated 48ft Randel fishing charter vessel working to promote, entertain and educate anglers around the world about the fantastic game fishing available in Bermagui. Fishing for marlin, tuna, shark and more.

Address: Bermagui Fishermen's Wharf,
73-79 Lamont Street, Bermagui

Phone: 0418 169 178